Joshua Greenberg - Alfred P. Sloan Foundation


US-RSE Funders Talk Series Info

US-RSE is happy to be continuing its series of conversations with funders for 1) RSEs to learn about funding opportunities and review and other processes, 2) RSEs to ask questions of the funder, and 3) funders to ask questions and learn about RSEs.

Visit the Funder Talk Series for more information and links to past presentations.


This talk in the US-RSE Funder Talk Series will feature Dr. Joshua Greenberg, Program Director of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Digital Information Technology program. This event took place Thursday, February 2nd at 4 PM ET, 3 PM CT, 2 PM MT, 1 PM PT


Dr. Joshua Greenberg is director of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation’s Digital Information Technology program. Dr. Greenberg received his Bachelor of Arts in History of Science, Medicine and Technology from the Johns Hopkins University, and both Masters and Doctoral degrees from Cornell University’s Department of Science & Technology Studies.

He is an active member of the broader digital library and digital humanities communities, serving on a number of advisory boards and program committees, and maintains active research and teaching interests in the history and sociology of information technology, the dynamics of public engagement with expert knowledge, and the methodological implications of new digital technologies for research.

Dr. Greenberg has broad experience and understanding of the content and research needs of traditional scholarly communities as well as digitally-networked services and tools to support myriad forms of public engagement and participation.

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