Outreach Working Group


The US-RSE Outreach Working Group is dedicated to broadening the US-RSE’s engagement with the research software engineer (RSE) and wider computational science and engineering (CSE) communities. We strive to raise awareness of US-RSE as an association and RSE as a professional designation through engagement with industry, academia, national labs, and students.

Those interested in contributing to this goal are encouraged to join our bi-weekly virtual meetings. To get involved, visit the #wg-outreach channel on the US-RSE slack or contact the Outreach working group list.

Work Products

The US-RSE Outreach working group is new as of 2022. The following events were either completed before the creation of the official working group or are initiatives for future work.

Existing Efforts

RSE Stories

Created by Vanessa Sochat, the RSE Stories podcast aims to cast a spotlight on the differing backgrounds and paths professionals have taken to become RSEs and help shape our understanding of what an RSE really is.

The podcast has existed since September 2019 and is looking for more volunteers both for interviewees and hosts.

Conference and Workshop Participation

US-RSE has had a presence at several conferences and workshops throughout its lifetime. For example:

External Collaboration

US-RSE has collaborated with other organizations in the past for events such as the Early Career Panel (Academic Data Science Alliance).

Future Directions

Conference and Workshop Participation

US-RSE will continue to engage in conferences and workshops. We aim to broaden our presence at previously unrepresented conferences, including domain-specific conferences and general technical conferences.

Towards this goal, the Outreach working group is putting together a call for volunteers for a SciPy 2022 Birds of a Feather RSE panel. If you are interested in participating as a panel member, please fill out this form.

Customizable RSE Introduction Template

Many members of US-RSE have spoken in diverse environments to a variety of audiences about US-RSE. There has been no standardized presentation or template for ad-hoc events such as these.

To address this gap, the Outreach working group aims to create an “Ad-hoc US-RSE Overview Template” that is customizable for different audiences but provides a basic set of standardized content.

Career Counseling

As Research Software Engineering is still a relatively new professional designation, the Outreach working group would like to broaden awareness of paths that lead to RSEs throughout universities, colleges, and high schools.

We aim to create connections with career counseling programs and provide resources about what RSEs are and how to become an RSE such that the younger generation is introduced to the concept sooner in their educational careers.

Member Employer Outreach and Advocacy

Many US-RSE members’ employers do not have a clear understanding of the RSE profession and a clear growth path for their employed RSEs. We hope to encourage outreach to member employers in order to broaden their understanding of RSE needs.