Adrian Price-Whelan - Simons Foundation


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US-RSE is happy to be continuing its series of conversations with funders for 1) RSEs to learn about funding opportunities and review and other processes, 2) RSEs to ask questions of the funder, and 3) funders to ask questions and learn about RSEs.

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This talk in the US-RSE Funder Talk Series featured Adrian Price-Whelan, Assistant Director of Scientific Software at the Simons Foundation.

This event took place Tuesday, December 12th at 12 PM ET, 11 AM CT, 10 AM MT, 9 AM PT



Adrian Price-Whelan Adrian Price-Whelan
Assistant Director of Scientific Software
Simons Foundation

Adrian Price-Whelan leads the “Milky Way and Nearby Universe” research group as a research scientist in the Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA) at the Flatiron Institute. He is an expert in the gravitational dynamics of stars and the study of dark matter in our galaxy, the Milky Way. Price-Whelan believes strongly in the principles of open science as a means toward improving the accessibility and inclusiveness of science and scientific research. He actively contributes to the scientific open-source software ecosystem and has been a leader in the Astropy Project, a large community software project that supports astronomical research in Python. Price-Whelan is also leading an initiative at the Simons Foundation to fund scientific software development in math and the physical sciences.