Summary of October 2020 Community Call - US-RSE's Role in Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Posted on October 13, 2020

On October 8, 2020, the US-RSE Organization held a community call on “US-RSE’s role in promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” The goal of the call was to have an open discussion about what steps US-RSE might take in promoting diversity within the US-RSE organization and externally in our profession through outreach to the broader community, and to determine if the participants in the call supported the idea of taking such steps.

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September 2020 Newsletter

Posted on September 25, 2020

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Summary of September 2020 Community Call - Hiring and Interviewing For RSE Positions

Posted on September 18, 2020

On September 10, 2020, the US-RSE Organization held a community call on “Hiring and Interviewing For RSE Positions.” We organized the call as an open community discussion among RSE hiring managers, practicing RSEs, and aspiring RSEs (e.g. students and researchers), with about 50 participants. The primary goal of the call was to open a discussion using the US-RSE community to help both sides of the hiring equation. RSEs and those who employ RSEs. Through the discussion, RSEs gained a better understanding of a challenging and important process.