Share with the Community

Have something to share with the US-RSE Community? This guide can help you find the right communication channel to share your information.

I want to share a…


If you need US-RSE leadership to answer:

If you want to engage the community:

  • Post it on the #general Slack channel to start a discussion; please do not tag the channel by using @channel or @here.

Job Posting

  • Post it in the #jobs channel on Slack.
  • Add it to the website. See How do I add a job? or ask on the #jobs Slack channel if someone can help you post it.
    • Jobs posted on the website will be included in the quarterly email newsletter if they’re still open when it’s sent.
  • Ask @tweeters on Slack to tweet it; it helps to post it on the website first so we have the info, or tweet it first yourself and tag @us_rse.

What jobs are relevant: any position in the US, or open to US applicants, requiring software development/programming skills and related to research in any area; can be any sector: academic, commercial, government, non-profit.


Share the information:

  • Post information about the event to the #events channel on Slack.
  • Tag @sc on Slack and ask for it to be added to the Calendar and/or the Events & Training page.
  • Ask @tweeters on Slack to tweet it; make sure we have a URL or event info to share.
  • We’ll include upcoming events in the quarterly email newsletter.

Discussing and organizing:

  • It’s OK to ping the #general channel on Slack to get a discussion started. Create an event-specific channel on Slack if discussion on #events or #general grows; announce the new channel on #general.
  • Consider trying to organize a meetup for US-RSE members if you’re going to an event where other RSEs are likely to be. If you do organize a meetup, let @sc on Slack know so we can promote it and share it as another distinct event.

What events are relevant: conferences, workshops, webinars, etc. on research software related topics.

  • Write a post on your own blog about it and make sure your blog is part of the community blog; see the instructions or ping @sc for help adding it. We try to highlight community blog posts in our quarterly email newsletter.
  • Share the resource on the Slack #general or #random channel depending on how relevant you think it is to the community.
  • Think it belongs on Links? Ping @sc on Slack or join the #website channel to discuss.

What’s relevant: use your judgment. If you find it interesting and think other RSEs would, it’s probably something good to share on Slack. If your blog has non-RSE content, there are instructions for how to use tags to filter the feed to the community blog.

Project or Code

  • Create a repository under your own GitHub account, or other code sharing site, and share a link or start a discussion on Slack.
  • Looking for collaborators? Start a discussion on Slack. Create a new channel if it helps.
  • Want a project to become a US-RSE sponsored activity? Contact the Steering Committee (Slack @sc or to discuss how it fits with US-RSE current priorities, how the US-RSE can sustain it, and how it benefits US-RSE members.

What’s relevant: for sharing your work and ideas, if it’s in line with the Code of Conduct, share it! We want to see what US-RSE members are working on. For US-RSE sponsored projects or activities, it’s important that multiple US-RSE members be involved in actively supporting the project for it to be sustainable and relevant as an association activity.

Something Else? Not Sure?

  • Post about it on the #general Slack channel.
  • Contact @sc on Slack to discuss it.
  • Email to contact the Steering Committee.