Get Involved

The US-RSE Association is a new organization that needs community involvement to grow and mature.

Most of our interaction is via Slack: You’ll receive a link to join the Slack space when you join US-RSE. If you have already joined US-RSE but can’t get into Slack, email for help.

Below are some ways members can get more involved in building this organization. Have additional ideas for a working group, committee, or something else, but aren’t sure how to get started? The Steering Committee would be happy to help. Reach out on Slack (@sc) or email

Quick Contribution

Invite a New Member

Email at least one other person who might be interested in the US-RSE association and invite them to join (via the link on the main website page:

Introduce Yourself

Have you been lurking on Slack for a while? Introduce yourself on the #introductions channel, even if you’re not new to the group.

Welcome New Members

Join the #introductions channel on Slack and welcome new members.

Share a Resource or Ask a Question

Whether you’ve found a good resource that’s worth sharing, or are looking for some advice, you are encouraged to post your ideas and questions on Slack!

One-Time Contribution

Tweet about RSE things

The @us_rse Twitter account exists, but we need people to post/retweet content and engage with others. If you’d like to do this for a week, a special event, or on an ongoing part-time basis (we can establish a rotating schedule), we’d love to have you. If you have other ideas about using social media, we need your help too.

  • Get involved: Join the #socialmedia channel on Slack and share your idea or volunteer to tweet

Organize a Community Call

We are aiming to have community calls at least quarterly, but we need help planning and organizing them. Can you take the lead organizing an upcoming call?

  • Get involved: Join the #communitycalls channel on Slack

Volunteer to tell your RSE Story

Willing to share your story? Consider signing up to share your story on the Developer Stories podcast?

Propose a Conference Event

Going to a conference related to RSEs? Propose a talk, panel, BoF, or other event. Members of the Steering Committee are happy to help you with this (contact @sc on Slack).

  • Get involved: Raise the idea on Slack to find collaborators or reach out to the Outreach working group (#wg-outreach or @or-wg on Slack)

Ongoing Contribution

Join a Working Group

We organize our community through working groups. Find out more on their pages below, join the relevant channels on Slack, and attend meetings so you can contribute!

Don’t see something you like here? We want to make a space for you in the US-RSE community. A how-to guide for putting together working groups is in progress (please keep an eye on this issue)

Start/Add Your Own Blog

The Community Blog page pulls content from members’ blogs. Have a blog to share? Add it to our collection! Even if you post things infrequently, it’s a good way to connect your work with others.

Own the Community Calendar

The US-RSE calendar needs some love. Can you add relevant community events? Figure out what types of events should be listed?

  • Get involved: Contact the Steering Committee (@sc) on Slack

Run the Twitter Account

We have a Twitter account (@us_rse) but we need volunteers to post, like, retweet, respond, and recruit others to help out.

  • Get involved: Join the #socialmedia channel on Slack and let us know you want to help

Lead Outreach Efforts

Our community is growing, but we want to make sure all US RSEs know about us. Have ideas for finding and reaching out to RSEs? Interested in organizing local events to spread the word? We need someone to take the lead on organizing outreach efforts.

  • Get involved: Join the #wg-outreach channel on Slack and share your ideas or contact @or-wg (Outreach working group) or @sc on Slack (Steering Committee)

Website Development and Maintenance

We need folks to help update content, approve pull requests, and generally help manage the website. Join the website committee to help keep the website up and running.

  • Get involved: Join the #website channel on Slack and get acquainted with the website at GitHub